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We build bridges for people with infection-associated chronic conditions

Welcome to NURA Community. We are a social network and (un)wellness portal for people with Long COVID, ME/CFS and commonly co-occurring conditions.

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Chronic illness is hard. Finding support shouldn’t be. 

Dealing with complex, chronic illness is hard. At NURA, we want to lighten the load. We are a social network and online community platform for people with under-served, underfunded conditions like Long COVID, ME/CFS and fibromyalgia. 
Connect with others who get it, join support groups, attend events on a broad range of topics and discover a wealth of crowd-sourced health tips and management tools. We're a chronic illness community you can trust, committed to building a safe space for our members. 

We host our community through Mighty Networks. You can download the Mighty Networks app through the Apple app store or Google Play, and search for NURA Community. Alternatively, you can access the community here via your web browser.

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What NURA Community can offer you


Join social groups and events and meet like-minded people 


Share knowledge and advice and explore valuable resources 


Support others in their struggles and challenges


 Form lasting connections with other members

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Built by people who understand infection-associated chronic conditions

We understand the unique challenges of living with post-infectious or complex, chronic illnesses like Long COVID and ME/CFS. 

Too often, people with these conditions encounter neglect, dismissal, or outdated and even harmful advice. NURA Community is designed to help bridge this essential gap in support, giving you more confidence in managing your condition and allowing you to create long-lasting connections with others who understand.

What NURA members say...

It's been really uplifting talking to people who just get it. It's a social network tailored to our specific challenges.
A breath of fresh air for someone with ME or Long's like a comforting sanctuary where I can find solace...and cool events!
The app is invaluable. From finding local support to connecting with people worldwide, it really is a lifeline.

What NURA members say...

"I’ve only been here a short time and already I feel like I have a stronger sense of community than I’ve had in a long time."

"A breath of fresh air for someone with ME/CFS or Long's a social network tailored to us. And cool events!" 

"The app is invaluable. From finding local support to connecting with people worldwide, it really is a lifeline."

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Your community is waiting. Join today.

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