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Photography Challenge: #MEInFocus

This summer, to mark ME Awareness Day on 12th May, we're asking for photo submissions on the theme of strength.

What does 'strength' mean to you in the context of your illness? Has your relationship with the idea of strength changed over time?

Join us in shedding light on the incredible resilience of the ME/CFS community. Here's how to take part:

  1. Capture a photo. Using a smartphone or camera, take a photo that represents 'strength' to you. This may be a moment of triumph, a symbol of resilience, or a glimpse into your daily life. It's entirely up to you, and you can be as creative as you'd like.

  2. Write a caption. Accompany your photo with a caption that provides context and insight into your interpretation of strength. Share any thoughts or personal experiences that inspired the image. The caption can be as short or as long as you'd like.

  3. Submit your entry. Send your photo and caption to Be sure to include your name (or preferred pseudonym) and any social media handles you'd like us to credit when sharing your submission. Equally, if you don't want us to mention you, just let us know.

  4. Spread awareness. Help us amplify the voices of the ME/CFS community by sharing this post with your friends, family, and followers. Use the hashtag #MEInFocus to join the conversation and raise awareness about the challenges - and triumphs - of living with ME/CFS.

We’ll share the images and collate entries received into a collaborative photo project, amplifying the voices of the millions battling this illness.

Follow us on Instagram @NURACommunity, where we'll be sharing submissions.


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