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Partner with us

Our community is constantly growing and looking to us for trusted and rated support. If your services make it past our strict vetting process, we’ll craft a bespoke listing on NURA which details your offering, with a review from the NURA team.

Work with us

If you think you might have a service, offering or idea that NURA Community would be interested in, we’d love to hear from you.


By understanding Long COVID and ME/CFS at a personal level, the NURA team has crafted a community of people who actively support one another. That community trusts NURA and as such, we only feature services and individuals that the team has personally vetted and reviewed. 

To submit your services to be considered by the team, contact us

Write for us

We are always looking to publish interesting and relevant articles or blog posts that may benefit the community. If you would like to write something, please get in touch with us at We’re interested in: 

  • Reflective essays on personal experiences with chronic illness

  • Opinion pieces on policy, science or advocacy surrounding Long COVID, ME/CFS and related conditions

  • Scientific articles communicating emerging research developments - or other aspects of science or medicine relating to these conditions - in a digestible manner (particularly if you are scientifically literate and/or have a background in science) 

  • Creative pieces, i.e. prose, poetry, illustration or graphic design, communicating or exploring different aspects of chronic illness experiences 

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